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We are always looking for driven, independent clinicians and staff to join our growing team. For inquiries, please submit the form at the bottom.

School-based Therapists

Outpatient Therapists

We are looking for therapists to provide school-based services. These clinicians are responsible for providing therapy in school and offering after school appointments for family sessions.


Thorntown Elementary School

Central Elementary School

We are looking for therapists to provide office based services in a range of specializations, including but not limited to the following: trauma, addiction and recovery, youth, and severe mental illness.

CURRENT OPENINGS: Crawfordsville


Peer Recovery Support



Home Based / Outpatient Therapist

We utilize individuals who are securely in their journey of recovery to assist those who are in active addiction. These individuals should be certified or willing to become certified through the ICAADA. 



We are looking for a full time therapist to work with youth and their families who are referred by the department of child services. Some of the therapeutic work will be provided in the client's home while some may be provided in an outpatient setting. This may include supervised visits. Applicants should be masters level and licensed eligible.


Boone County

Skills Coaches

We are looking for full time skills coaches to work with a treatment team to help youth achieve their treatment goals by providing skills training and development services as well as case management. Applicants should be bachelors level with a focus in psychology, sociology or a human services field.


WEBO Jr Sr High School 

Stokes Elementary School

Child Therapist

We are looking for a full time therapist to work in an outpatient setting with youth ages 3 and up and their families. Applicants should be masters level and licensed eligible.



Other Openings

If you are a therapist, skills coach, or have a background in administration, please reach out and check back often for updated positions.

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InWell is a supportive, collaborative work environment. Working here has allowed me freedom and flexibility with my caseload and hours. There are many opportunities for growth, and I have immensely enjoyed all of the community outreach that InWell has helped me facilitate. I highly recommend working here.

Outpatient Therapist