Integrative Wellness

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Behavioral Therapy

InWell provides behavioral health services, health coaching, and life skills services to families and individuals. Our clinicians specialize in childhood behavior disorders, substance abuse/ addictions, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and marital & family needs. We offer services at our location, in the community, or in the schools.

Behavioral therapy is structured around each client to address his or her targeted goals. Therapy focuses on giving the clients tools to improve emotional health and daily functioning.


Integrative Care

InWell also offers opportunities for physical wellness using a health risk assessment, a tailored health coaching program, and self-service web tools. Clients can use these tools to reach all professionals involved in their care, and to communicate with family or other supports, when desired. Clients have an opportunity to identify goals, and to work with a health coach to easily monitor progress. For more information, call today 765.680.0071 or email

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